You have been pierced by a licensed trained professional with sterile equipment. 
It is now up to you to keep this piercing clean and healthy. 

Body Piercing

(ears,navel,nose,genitals,nipples,lip,monroe ,labret, single point surface)

 Once a day while your in the shower, let water run on your piercing this will soften any crusties that form around the jewelry.  With a wet cotton swab remove all crusties around jewelry.  Wash piercing with a fragrance free antibacterial soap, we recommend Summers Eve Feminine Wash  sensitive formula ( this soap is made for  delicate tissue and will NOT irritate any piercings).  Apply soap to your hands and apply lather to the piercing area.  Turn ring or move barbell back and forth a few times, the movement of jewelry will work soap into the piercing.  Then rinse thoroughly moving the jewelry again making sure to flush out all soap.   Pat dry with a clean dry towel.   You should follow these cleaning instructions for about 4-6 weeks.  

Oral Piercings

 After eating drinking or smoking anything other than water for the next FOUR weeks rinse with mouthwash. Any mouthwash will do, dilute it 50/50 with water to avoid irritation.   During the first three to four days with a tongue piercing, swelling will occur to relieve the swelling we recommend lots of cold, eat freeze pops, chew on ice, and drink lots of slushies. The cold will keep swelling and the discomfort of a tongue piercing down to not at all.  Avoid alcoholic drinks for this period of time also.  (Piercings such as Monroe, Lip and Labret must follow both external and oral piercing aftercare.)

DO NOT use Peroxide, Alcohol or ointments these products will hurt your piercing.


DO NOT touch or play with piercing with dirty hands

Touching is the main cause of infection in piercings. If you must touch your piercing WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE handling. 

Is this normal?

 A piercing is a puncture wound, and as with all piercings for the first few days there will be some slight discomfort and redness around the piercing, this is normal.  In tongue and oral piercings there may be swelling.  There may also be a fluid discharge that is also normal, the  discharge is known as lymph, the color will vary from clear to very light yellow in color the lymph discharge is what makes those crusties on your fresh piercing.

Do I have an infection?

 Sometimes piercings become infected because of introduction of bacteria to the piercing.  There are some telltale signs of infection such as the area will feel hot.  There may also be a discharge that is different than lymph and will be very dark yellow to green (pus color).  If you feel you may have an infection call the studio first. We are trained to deal with you piercings and problems that may occur.  DO NOT try remedies that your friends or family may give you.   DO NOT remove your jewelry.  Removing your jewelry will close the piercing and trap the infection causing an abcess.    


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